Google marketing

Google marketing SO MUCH?

1. For many market niches, Google ads achieve much BETTER RESULTS than ads on social networks!

2. This is, very often, the most effective way of advertising – ads can see those people who are SEARCHING for the same or similar product or service (Google Search ads).

3. Google Ads is a tool that provides incredible opportunities for targeting your audience.

4. The possibility of constant testing and improvement. All of this ultimately leads to better campaign results and lower costs.

5. Google reports can reveal some new, important information for your business. Information about what people are searching for on Google related to your industry and business can reveal completely new business opportunities!



Up to 3 campaigns per month

4-6 campaigns per month

More than 6 campaigns

What types of Google campaigns exist?

Search campaign

Displaying ads below the entered search term in the Google search engine – the so-called “first-page Google ads”.

Performance Max campaign

A campaign that reaches people across various Google channels – ads are displayed in the form of text (like a Search campaign), banner ads (like a Display campaign), video ads on the YouTube channel, etc.

Display campaign

The ads are displayed on websites or mobile applications that have content related to your products, services, or your customers’ interests.

These are usually banners that lead to your website or a specific page on your website.

Video campaign

This type of campaign allows your ads to appear on YouTube or other places in the Google Display Network.