Creation of digital marketing strategy

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We find your USP

We talk to you about your business and find the one unique characteristic of your business (unique selling point – USP) that shall make your brand stick out and become recognizable.

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We explore

We explore the market, competition, relevant media, influencers, etc.

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We define the profiles of buyers (Buyer Persona)

After finalizing the conversation with you and conducting a detailed research, we define profiles of your buyers who will be addressed during the campaign. The better and more precise the definition of characteristic of your buyers is, the more efficient and payable the campaign will be.

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We define the content

We define the content that shall draw attention of your target group and help you achieve the wanted results.

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We define the types of campaigns and media

We choose types of campaigns and media depending on the characteristics of your business, target group and goal you want to achieve.

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We create the social media calendar

We create the social media calendar which includes: proposed media, content of posts, type of campaign, goal of campaign, duration of promotion and budget.